Issues Encountered In A PCB Assembly House

PCB assembly houses encounter problems despite having precautionary measures in place. Each day, the engineering department responsible for product development and enhancement addresses these issues to ensure meeting deadlines and adheres to standards to maintain quality. Below are issues an assembly house experiences and the simple solutions the assembly team may do to prevent them from recurring.

Faulty PCBA due to parts substitution

Many factors cause faulty electrical connections in a printed circuit board. One factor is due to parts substitution. When a part or some of the components are unavailable, sometimes assembly team uses substitute to replace incomplete parts. In some cases, substitution is okay and the final output is not affected.

PCBHowever, substitution during PCB assembly is only applicable if the bill of materials (BOM) indicates possibility of substitution. Most of the times, the substitute are the same in all aspects such as dimension and functionality except for brand. However, when substitution is different by only a fraction of a millimeter in dimension or one function is missing in an integrated circuit, the final batch output becomes faulty.

Never use substitute when it is not in the BOM. A fraction is already a big difference to the final output. If in case the part is not available and substitution is not viable, the assembly department should postpone PCB assembly until the part is available. Alternatively, the team should contact the customer for any possible substitute.

Paste Stencil Problems

Solder paste is placed into the board before reflow soldering. The process is paste stenciling. Correct stencil is crucial in this process because it tells the machine how much of the solder paste should be “squeezed” into the board solder pads. Problems encountered with stencils are incorrect design, insufficient thickness of the stencil and incompatibility issues.

These problems affect the paste printing process. Incorrect paste printing is tantamount to defective printed circuit board. To avoid such situation, inspection is the best remedy. Before loading the stencils, make sure that the stencil forwarded to the assembly department is the correct one. Otherwise, request for the right stencil before proceeding.

Incomplete Components

Incomplete components delay operation. When the situation is recurring, the assembly house should evaluate what causes it. One cause might be supplier problems. If this is the cause of delay in operation, perhaps it is time to look for a new supplier who can deliver the goods in time.

Another cause might be lead inventory time and quantity, wherein the buffer inventory until the next delivery of the supply is not sufficient. Factors that affect lead inventory are the influx of customer orders, defective components, and environmental factors that affect delivery time. Re-evaluate these factors and adjust order quantity to make up for the insufficient quantity of components for assembly.

Accumulation of Moisture

Improper practices cause moisture to accumulate inside the packaging of parts and board. When moisture accumulates, “baking” is necessary to remove the moisture. Baking is the process of heating the assembled board, which may add stress to the soldered components. Besides, the process entails additional expenses to the total overhead costs.

To avoid moisture accumulation, the PCB assembly team should exercise proper handling and storing of the components and board. Use cabinet with moisture sealants to stack and store work-in-process. Always inspect packaging for any tear and immediately replace it. Avoid delays in loading components to the placement machine. Keep the work place free of moisture.

In any PCB assembly department, problems arise from time to time. To avoid any issues, inspection before proceeding is the best remedy. Another way of preventing issues on faulty boards is to create a prototype before mass production.

Do you lose things? Get ID lanyards

Some people are predisposed to lose things. This is just an unlucky characteristic that some people have. It may be forgetfulness, and it may not be at all. The fact is that these people just tend to have the bad luck to lose random items at different times. This, of course, is a costly thing when it comes to important items. If you want to avoid a couple of these problems and are one of these people, you can solve it with something called ID lanyards.

ID lanyards by wholesalelanyards are a keychain made to be worn around the neck. At the end of it, keys can be attached, and an ID can be stored in the card holder. The fabric of the lanyard is long enough that the keys and ID sit very comfortably on the chest at all times. These accessories are affordable and can be purchased nearly anywhere. Your local drug store or gas station may even carry several styles of them to choose from so you can find the right color or pattern to suit your tastes.ID lanyard

The benefit for people that lose things is obvious. People that lose things run the risk of a very expensive and unfortunate problem if they lose their keys or their ID. It will not only cost them a significant amount of money, but will also make them have to do without these items for a while as new ones are being made. In addition, changing locks will cost a bunch of money and take a long time. This is never a good thing for someone who has this problem. And a person that is pre-disposed to do this often will have to encounter this at least a couple times in their life, which is even more of an unfortunate situation for them.

ID lanyards help to decrease the risk of this happening. When the ID card and the keys are worn around the neck comfortably, the individual can determine where exactly they are at all times. If they do not feel them there, they may have put them somewhere. This makes them very easy to find if they are lost, solving the problem of the chunk of time and money that have to be dispensed to fix this problem. Knowing where your ID and keys are at all times is helpful for someone that loses these items.

As an added benefit, the keys and ID card sit comfortably around the neck, so no comfort is sacrificed in order to make sure the important items do not get lost. This means that they can be worn all day without the desire to take them off. That way, the individual will be able to keep their keys and ID on them no matter where they are during their day.

If you are one of the people that tends to lose things, you know how much of a troublesome condition this can be – not to mention expensive and time-consuming at times. Losing important items such as your keys and wallet on a regular basis can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, not to mention the chunk it will take out of your life. If you want to solve this problem, or at least decrease your risk of losing these items, the ID lanyard is the perfect item for you. Your keys will be kept around your neck so that you will be able to tell where they are at all times. This is a great solution for a problem that some people have. Now, if that ID lanyard could only find the remote control.

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ID lanyards help to decrease the risk of this happening. As an added benefit, the keys and ID card sit comfortably around the neck, so no comfort is sacrificed in order to make sure the important items do not get lost.

Tips When Shipping Portable Storage Containers To Another Country

When moving abroad or sending goods to another country, the best and most practical way to do so is by using portable storage containers, especially if you are sending bulk items. When doing so, however, it would do you good if you follow the tips listed here in order to ensure that your items arrive safely to the destination and to avoid losing money in the process.

Find the Appropriate Shipping Company

You have to be careful when hiring a shipping company. Various problems, like delayed shipments, erroneous bills, and lost items are just some that you may encounter if you deal with a company that cannot be called efficient nor trustworthy. One way to ensure that your portable storage containers will be shipped safely is to read reviews about these shipping companies. Find one that has shown to consistently provide the best service.

Be wary too of the term “overseas shipping”. Some companies use this even if they only ship to a single country abroad. Make sure that they conduct business to the country where you intend to send your items. Another thing, find a company that has been in the business for a while. Laws, restrictions, and tax liabilities differ with every country, so it will do you good if the company you hire is well aware of these laws to ensure that your shipment goes smoothly.

Inspect the Portable Storage Containers

When the storage arrives at your home or place of business, take your time inspecting its condition. Remember, shipment abroad can take days or weeks and these cargos will be subjected to different kinds of weather conditions. Any cracks on the walls or ceilings, therefore, can damage your items.

Insure Your Goods/Belongings

portable storage containersFor homeowners who are moving, do not be content with your homeowner’s insurance because that will not protect your belongings while in transit. It is advisable then to get extra coverage specified for damages or theft during the shipment, especially if you are transporting valuable items. Before you lock that storage container, you must also take extra effort to list down everything that you packed in it. Give a copy to the shipping company so that you can use that list later on as a basis in case you find some items missing upon delivery.

Secure the Container

The portable storage containers available on are already equipped with a lockbox and the key is given to you. Supposedly, you are the only one who has a copy of this key to ensure that no one opens the cubicle other than you. Aside from the lock, ask the shipping company to place a seal on the container. This is an additional security measure to help you see if the locks or door were tampered with. Upon arrival to the destination, you must be present in case customs officials want to open your container and check its contents. You may also assign a representative for this. Inspect your container as well to see if all your belongings are there and nothing is damaged.

Have the Necessary Documents on Hand

While waiting for your items to be shipped, it is recommended that you keep all documents related to it within reach just in case relevant information will be required from you. The shipment document, which contains the date of shipment, container number, seal numbers, company’s name, and shipper’s contact information, must be kept on hand along with your passport, visa, and credit cards. Some countries have very strict customs regulations that you may be asked to provide important information when you least expect it. The sooner you can answer these questions, the faster they can unload and accommodate your shipment.

Moving abroad can be stressful and worrying, but with the help of a reliable shipping company and by following these tips, you can make the process run smoothly without a hitch.

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Portable Storage containers are sturdy and dependable. They are known to be versatile, and they can pass tests of time and nature. They have gained recognition because they are durable, flexible, inexpensive, and light.

A Glimpse of History: Custom Military Coins

Custom Military coins symbolize honor, prestige and recognition. In most cases, it also means membership in a military organization. It means identity. Moreover, military coins have served as the number one collectables in the US military. Officers of the US Military even carry military coins with them to award someone in his troop that needs on-the-spot recognition for an act of good service. Military coins are not only popular in the United States, but it’s also gaining its popularity in countries like Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Britain and more.
The origins of the Military coins date back to the Roman Empire when soldiers were rewarded for their military achievements.It was speculated that these coins were introduced during the World War I. It happened when American volunteers formed the flying squadrons. Military coins were presented to one squadron by a wealthy lieutenant.

custom military coins
One young pilot placed his coin in a small pouch and wore it around his neck. During one of his operations, the pilot’s aircraft got severely damaged by a ground fire where he was forced to land at a base near their enemy’s territory. The pilot, who was wearing the coin, was unfortunately captured by the German patrol. His enemies took all his personal identification so he won’t escape. However, the patrol did not retrieved his coin. The pilot was taken to the French town and escaped there. He reached the French Outpost but can’t show anything as proof of his identification but his pouch with the coin. The French thought him to be one of the saboteurs so they decided to execute him. At the time of the execution, the pilot showed his coin and it was recognized by one of the executioners. They delayed the execution enough for the pilot to prove his identity. The pilot was not executed but was given a glass of wine for celebration. After that, wearing military coins have become customary and so it is called Custom Military coins.
Other stories would claim that it was during the World War II and were first used by the Office Strategic personnel who were deployed in Nazi held France. A Jolly sixpence club was proposed by Jim Harrington to the junior officers of the 107th Infantry. It was a typical coin used at meetings for identification. The coin served as protection from spies during their meetings. There were codes to ensure that the coins were not used by other organizations. The group checks each member’s coin for the name, date and etc.
Another story sprung during the Word War II when an American soldier carries with him solid silver coin when he came in contact with the Philippine guerrillas. The guerrillas, when shown with the coin promptly identified the soldier as one of their allies for their mission against the Japanese. The coins at that time were used as personal identification.
The use of Custom Military coins has spread to some other military organizations. These coins were used not only in military services but also in services like police and fire troops. Its popularity is never-ending that it still goes on up until today.
Nowadays, military coins can now be customized according to your desired design. It can range from designs with meaning or designs with no relevance at all. You can go as wild as abstract designs or as bland as shapes. There are now a number of companies that offer services in making Custom Military coins. Internet serves a good source to shop for companies that offer good services at an affordable rate for making Custom Military coins.

Long Island Foreclosure Defense – Understanding The Foreclosure Process


If you fail to pay your mortgage over a significant period of time, your lender will think about foreclosing your property at some point. The process of foreclosing your property will start when the lender files paperwork with the court in the place where the property is located. Thereafter, you will receive a copy of the lender’s complaint and the court’s summons.

By the time these documents are served to you, the law gives you twenty (20) days to submit a response in court, if you fail to do so, a default judgment will be rendered against you. Therefore, it is imperative that you file your response as soon as possible once served.

If you decide to hire a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer, your first step is to meet him. If you decide to self-represent, you have to file a Motion for Extension of Time immediately. This will allow you to request for more time from the court to prepare and submit your answer. If your request is approved, the law will give you additional thirty (30) days to file your response.

propertyNext step is to check out the complaint and the documents attached to it. Examine it to find possible deficiencies, defenses and challenges that you can raise such as improper service or lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Or, if you have requested for a loan modification program and the lender committed some violations on the agreement it can be raised in an Answer as an Affirmative Defense. Consider that substantive defenses should be raised in your Answer, while the procedural defenses should be stated on your Motion to Dismiss.

After filing the appropriate pleadings, wait for the lender’s response. If you have filed your answer, the lender will make a response against those affirmative defenses; on the other hand, if you submitted a motion to dismiss in court, they will schedule a time to hear the Motion.

Once the lender files his response, the case will now move to the discovery stage where you may request for documents from the lender such as original closing file, disclosures, assignments, original note and other necessary papers required. You may also request the Lender to answer interrogatories and obtain depositions from relevant witnesses. This stage is quite slow and tedious, so you have to be patient.

Long Island Foreclosure Defense cases will move into the pre-trial stage, once the discovery process is over. At this stage, the lender may move for setting the summary judgment without going through a trial. You will only be able to avoid summary judgment if you have submitted the proper defenses in court. Once the hearing is scheduled, it is very imperative that you or your lawyer will appear in court, otherwise, judgment will be rendered against you and your property will be scheduled for sale.

If the motion of the lender is denied, the case will be docketed or will move on to the pre-trial conference and finally to the trial stage. During the trial, you and the lender would be required to produce all the documents and witnesses that will support each claim or defense that you or your lender have. After the trial, the court will make a ruling. If the decision is in your favor, the cased will be dismissed, but if it rules for the lender, a sale date will be entered for the foreclosure of the property. However, the law provides you the right to redeem your property if you are able to pay your debt.

The litigation process of foreclosure cases can be complex and protracted, thus, it is important to contact an experienced Long Island Foreclosure Defense attorney if you are served so that you can get the best chance possible of saving your home, protecting your legal rights and delaying the process.