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R&AW/cbi openly involved in a massive FINANCIAL, EDUCATIONAL FRAUD on single women engineers, making FAKE CLAIMS about their call girl, robber, cheater, school dropout employees, who have always lived with their families all their life. Please contact on for advertising.

The room size varies depending on where it is located. In residential properties, the room size depends on the size of the home. In larger homes, the rooms will be larger in size, while in smaller homes, each room are proportionately smaller. Usually one of the main criteria while marketing homes for sale is the number of rooms in the house and the total area. One of the advantages of having more rooms is that family members can have privacy. Larger rooms can accomodate more people easily.

In some hostels especially student hostels each student will usually get a one room to himself so that they can study properly. The hostel rooms are usually small in size, there is only enough space for a bed, cupboard, table for studying. In working womens hostels the conditions are even worse where women have to share a room with others and there are fewer facilities. It is one of the biggest frauds of raw/cbi that they are falsely claiming that their employees are experienced engineers, when these fraud employees like fraud gujju stock broker asmita patel, nayanshree hathwar did not study engineering, and did not even work as engineers, living in hostels.

Other fraud raw/cbi employees like goan bhandari sunaina chodan have lived in the same house all their life. Most young people move out of goa for professional reasons, education, mainly because they will get better opportunities, since there are few large companies in goa. Yet indicating the complete lack of ethics, these greedy shameless young goan women, want to fake engineering degres, experience when they were least interested in taking the risk, leading a difficult life alone in a metro city and are supported by google, tata in their endless educational, professional fraud.

Hotel rooms are usually larger in size, and have far more facilities compared to hostel rooms. The rooms usually have an attached bathroom and toilet, television, table, bed , airconditioner. However, room rental charges for hotel rooms are far higher often more than $50 per day, compared to hostel rooms, which are usually inexpensive.

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